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Marvell MV643xx Ethernet Controller

Hi! all,

I have cleanup improved the support of Marvell Orion now.

However, I found exist the driver mv643xx_eth.c in source tree of Linux.
(sorry,  this tree is Linux-MIPS  ;-)

  Kconfig --->

  config MV643XX_ETH
       tristate "MV-643XX Ethernet support"
       depends on MOMENCO_OCELOT_C || MOMENCO_JAGUAR_ATX || MV64360 || 
         This driver supports the gigabit Ethernet on the Marvell MV643XX
           chipset which is used in the Momenco Ocelot C Ocelot, Jaguar ATX
             and Pegasos II, amongst other PPC and MIPS boards.

  <--- Kconfig

I see this source as much as Gigabit Ethernet of Marvell Orion.

For instance, I think that it has this Ethernet controller by Pegasos II
PowerPC (in Marvell Discovery).  Can this Pegasos II (ofppc?) of someone
be tried?


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