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Re: pf in GENERIC

I've been using pf and pflogd enabled kernels and pf for about a year on both i386 amd64 systems, and havent see any problem... though i have simple pf rules.


Dave B, 11/19/08 16:41:
  I don't know the answer to why it's not enabled by default;
although I seem to recall reading on the lists that there were
problems, historically at least, with pf's interaction with other
subsystems--when statically compiled into the kernel.  As an
lkm(4), however, pf works well.

  To enable the pf LKM at bootup--without having to recompile the
kernel--add it to /etc/lkm.conf, e.g.:

    /usr/lkm/pf.o - - - - -

and ensure LKMs are enabled in /etc/rc.conf:


  Or, with a GENERIC kernel, I think you can just issue the command

    modload /usr/lkm/pf.o

and make it instantly available, even on an up-and-running system.

Cheers,  --Dave

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