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Re: NetBSD bricked my wm0?

What version of NetBSD? Are there tools to dump the EEPROM? If not, can
you boot Linux and dump the EEPROM? I can look at it but I'm on vacation
right now so it won't be for another week or so.

I'd answer some of these questions myself but, like I said, I'm on

The Linux problem turned out to be "ftrace" which wrote randomly to
memory. Unfortunately, it also wrote to the EEPROM control register and
was able to wipe out parts of the EEPROM. People who tried to use
IBAUTIL, etc, to write back the EEPROM did more damage. You may have
encountered a similar problem writing back your BIOS, but I'll have to
check when I get back to work.

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

So I built a new system today, based on SuperMicro C2SBX+.  This has an
onboard Intel 82566DM chip.

Initial boot probed wm0 ok, but IIRC had messages similar to

 wm0: PCI-Express bus
 wm0: No EEPROM
 wm0: unable to read Ethernet address

and so was unuseable.  I continued anyway, installed a spare wm0 PCI card
(82541PI) so I could grab cvs and take a look.

However, after this I noticed that the onboard wm no longer probed,
looking further its PCI config data had been trashed.  It now probes as:

 vendor 0x0004 product 0x0005 (ethernet network, revision 0x02) at pci0 dev 25 
function 0 not configured

which is obviously broken.

I've tried restoring BIOS etc, but nothing helps, it just reminds me of
the recent bug in Linux where this chipset and the 82567 was bricked due
to bad writing of various parts of the EEPROM.

Is NetBSD doing the same?  Is there any chance of being able to rewrite
EEPROM and put the original data back?

I've attached dmesg and pcictl dump output, hopefully someone can make
sense of it and see which bits have been re-arranged.

In the meantime, users may want to exercise caution booting NetBSD on
similar systems, just in case this is not an isolated incident.


Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE(6/86) + BSChem(3/95) + BAEnglish(8/95) + MSCS(8/03) + $2.50 = latte

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