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Re: iwn not working since 4.99.73

On 2008-10-31, Marcin M. Jessa <> wrote:
> The iwn driver is not working properly since I upgraded from 4.99.72 to 
> 4.99.73.
> It does not want to associate to my access point anymore.

Same thing here.

4.99.72 dd 24 Sep i386: works fine for open AP's but didn't want to
associate to my WEP AP.
4.99.72 dd 7 Oct amd64: works fine for both open AP's and my WEP AP.
4.99.73 dd 25 Oct i386: doesn't work at all, the driver doesn't see any
traffic as proven with sudo tcpdump -y ieee802_11_radio -eni iwn0

On all versions I get 'can not lock memory' errors
On 4.99.73 I also get 'device timeout'

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