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crash: oldsize != VSIZENOTSET

Dear list readers,

since several weeks i use netbsd cvs on a xen virtualized environment.

> NetBSD 4.99.72 (XEN3_DOMU_MYOWN)

From time to time (once or twice a month) the system crashes / hangs into the 

Each time i get something like:

        "applicationxy: oldsize != VSIZENOTSET"

It seems the error relates to:


-- snip --
352         oldsize = vp->v_writesize;
353         KASSERT(oldsize != VSIZENOTSET || pgend > oldsize);
--- snapp --

when a application tries to open one of a list of specific files.

There was situiations where this xen netbsd guest hangs and i had no other 
chance as to destroy and recreate that host (like a hard reset on real 
hardware). During reboot the system does fsck and repair all (later) mounted 
filesystems on wich this effect will happen.

Is this problem related to a unclean filesystem or a netbsd bug? How i can 
clean that filesystem? The fsck during boot seems not to help. I don't 
believe that there is a disc hardware failure behind - the storage is SAS 
RAID mirrored from HP.

As described in UPDATE 20080731 the WAPBL support has been added - not 
backward compatible with pre-WAPL aware kernels. So i updated both 
filesystems with "fsck_ffs -c 4".

Did someone have any ideas about that or - better - a solution?




  Niels Dettenbach
  Syndicat IT&Internet
  T.-Muentzer.-Str. 2, 37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt - DE
  PGP public key ID 651CA20D
  Fingerprint: 55E0 4DCD B04C 4A49 1586  88AE 54DC 4465 651C A20D

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