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Re: cc -m32 support

In article <>,
Thomas E. Spanjaard <> wrote:
>matthew green wrote:
>>    Does this extend to emulations too?  The ability to run 32bit linux
>>    applications on 64bit platforms would be very cool :)
>> this has nothing to do with emulations, beyond the syscalls
>> translation in compat_netbsd32().  the path-name translation
>> there can infact be removed with the new work, it is no
>> longer necessary.
>> what you want is in sys/compat/linux32 and already exists
>> but i don't know what the status of it is.
>It is functional enough to run Sun J2SE 6.0 for Linux i386 on amd64.
>Acrobat Reader 7 also works; 8 requires something else (iirc
>thread-local storage support? NPTL?).

J2SE 6.0+ is not running well enough to be able to build a native jdk.
It core-dumps randomly.


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