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Repeated NFS failures

Hi folks,

since quite a bit of time, I experience sporadic but frequent NFS failures between my 4.0 i386 server and my amd64-current client.

Sometimes, in the midst of a file transfert (I guess only while writing to the server), the transfer would hang. The client is not hung, though, so I can access a utility like "nfsstat" which shows an increasing number of retries. Yet, "reboot" is stuck and I have to reboot the machine the dirty way.

At first, I thought this might been caused by an IPv6 nfs mount. But I have the same problem when I export the mount points through IPv4 only.

Sometimes, I got a crash. The kernel obviously go stray, nothing responds anymore, not even the ACPI power button, so I have to reboot also.

I've seen there are some issues with NFS/AMD64/Xen. Could it be somewhat related?


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