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Re: dbcool on iBook G4 late 2004 doesn't work

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008, Robert Fritzsche wrote:

I tried the new 4.99.73 kernel on my iBook G4 late 2004 with dbcool in the kernel config. After reboot the fan run with full revolutions and envstat doesn't notice the new sensor.

Can anyone help me?

Well, I wrote the thing, so maybe I can help!

Did you ever have any sensors detected using an earlier kernel? Which one(s)? Do you have a dmesg from both the older and current kernel so we can compare?

I don't have any macppc hardware to play with, so I converted the 'dbcool at ki2c' blindly. I expected it to work, but you never know!

Also, I would expect the fans to run at full speed until you've used the various sysctl(8) variables to tune the PWM algorithm. See 'sysctl hw.dbcool' and 'man 4 dbcool' for description of the sysctl stuff.

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