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Re: HP ProLiant BL460c G1 boot failure

> > One: I assume "SerDes controllers are not supported!" means that
> > the driver doesn't support fibre-optic versions of this device.
> > Is there a particular reason this isn't supported in our driver?
> I guess, because this is a port from the OpenBSD driver, and it
> didn't support SerDes at that time.

That's sort of an obvious implication, yes.

By the looks of it, the code initially came to OpenBSD from
FreeBSD.  Our driver has both $FreeBSD ... $ and $OpenBSD ... $
strings embedded in it, both of them pointing to rather old
versions / dates.  Unfortunately, it's somewhat unclear what
these strings signify: "this driver was adapted from this
version", or "this driver is in feature-sync with this particular

...which brings up another question: how good are we at adopting
features from other OSes after initial import and adaptation
("not good enough", would be my answer to that one), and what
can we do to improve the situation?


- Håvard

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