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Re: release failed on fixunsdfdi

Matthias Scheler wrote:

Your build system probably has a "libc" with a broken strtoul() installed.
Please have a look at this e-mail:

    Kind regards

That didn't work well:

# pwd

# make depend all install NOLINT=1 TOOLDIR=/usr/tools

#   install  /usr/lib/libc_p.a
/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -c -r -o root -g wheel -m 444 -a "/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-ranlib -t" libc_p.a /usr/lib/libc_p
#   install  /usr/lib/libc_pic.a
/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -c -r -o root -g wheel -m 444 -a "/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-ranlib -t" libc_pic.a /usr/lib/libc
#   install  /lib/
/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -c -r -o root -g wheel -m 444 /lib/ /usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -l s -r -l r /lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -l s -r /lib/ /usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -l s -r -l r /lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -l s -r /lib/ /usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -l s -r -l r /lib/ /usr/lib/
#   install  /usr/share/man/man3/__builtin_object_size.3.gz
/usr/tools/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install -N /usr/src/etc -c -r -o root -g wheel -m 444 __builtin_object_size.3.gz /usr/share/man/man3/__builtin_object_size.3
i386--netbsdelf-install: the last argument (/usr/share/man/man3/__builtin_object_size.3.gz) must name an existing directory
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/src/lib/libc

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