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Re: iwn0 driver: status

Brett Lymn wrote:
On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 08:02:51PM +0200, Marcin M. Jessa wrote:
I don't use WEP and I was able to associate with my AP and "get online".
There is however an issue which somehow makes the system to partially lock up when I check out sources with cvsup/csup.

Yes, my system was suffering the same too - I never actually linked
the issue up to the iwn driver though.  I have some other fixes that
were sent to me that look like they fix the problem - certainly, my
machine is far more stable with the fix.  See the attached diff.

Seems like your patch did the trick, I can check out source/pkgsrc trees without any problem. Thanks!

Thanks for your good work Brett.

All I did was fix a few bugs :)
P.S I've Linux installed on my laptop as well and the driver works at every boot but it may need some time to associate with the AP (also without WEP). The iwn driver you're working on associates right away.

That is nice to hear - also sort of funny because the Linux driver
was, I think, written by Intel people.

I am yet to see a good wlan driver for Linux that came from Intel...

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