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Re: Dramatic mysqld slowness when running compiles in parallel

In article <>,
Sverre Froyen  <> wrote:
>I've changed the subject and I'm also copying pkgsrc-users.
>With i386 current (4.99.69) I am seing a dramatic slowdown in mysqld speed 
>whenever the server (actually my Thinkpad T42 laptop) is also running 
>compilations.  Here's an example:
>Inserting 65 records into a table normally takes 0.04s (real time).  If I am 
>doing a make in /usr/pkgsrc/shells/bash at the same time, it can take more 
>than 5s!

Can you run "vmstat 1". Are you swapping or paging? how about a ktrace -t A/
kdump -R?

Have you tried


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