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Re: The run-time linker doesn't deal with magic symlinks (or even plain symlinks) for shared objects?

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On 17 Jul 2008, at 10:30, Johan Ihren wrote:

You'll want to play with moving /lib to somewhere under machine/ <arch> too, as well as /libexec, /sbin and /bin and probably /libdata. Is /dev
totally sharable between i386 and amd64?  I also wonder if any of the
databases in /var are arch-specific...

Or look at my suggestion in my other posting which describes booting off
different partitions - that seems simpler ;-)

Depends on your point of view, but I agree there are benefits to both alternatives... but in my case, as I'm stuck using grub for Xen, I quickly realized that boot.cfg isn't an option, unfortunately.

And it works! I'm happily running the four permutations of i386 and amd64, XEN3_DOM0 and GENERIC kernels from the same root filesystem. And the DOMUs (modulo appropriate magic to use the right kernels depending on DOM0 arch) are fine too.

Much rejoicing! Happiness! Many thanks for your help!

Time for dinner.



PS. Short HOWTO:

1. Need different xen.gz for i386 and amd64, but that's easily fixed in grub/menu.lst

2. Need different /var/db/pkg trees, easily fixed with magic symlinks

3. Need to be careful with symlinks pointing to symlinks as some of them may have clever relative paths

4. Need to split the filesystems acording to arch at / {bin,sbin,lib,libexec,rescue}, /usr/{bin,sbin,lib,libexec}, /usr/pkg/ {bin,sbin,lib,libexec}, /usr/X11R6/{bin,lib,libexec} and finally /var/ db/pkg

5. Need to build kernels with "options MAGICLINKS"


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