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Re: The run-time linker doesn't deal with magic symlinks (or even plain symlinks) for shared objects?

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Hi Simon,

On 17 Jul 2008, at 10:15, Simon Burge wrote:

However, this just plain doesn't work. If I move /lib to a location
which is the target of a magic symlink /sbin/init refuses to execute
("Error 2"). Having /sbin itself as /sbin --> /machine/@machine/sbin
seems to work fine, though. Leaving /lib alone to allow the machine to
reach multiuser the following is an obvious example of the problem:

- -bash-3.2# pwd
- -bash-3.2# uname -m
- -bash-3.2# type uname
uname is hashed (/usr/bin/uname)
- -bash-3.2# mv /usr/lib /usr/machine/amd64/lib
- -bash-3.2# ln -s machine/@machine/lib /usr
- -bash-3.2# uname -m
Shared object "" not found
- -bash-3.2# rm lib
- -bash-3.2# mv machine/amd64/lib /usr
- -bash-3.2# uname -m

Note #3: Umm, I just realized that this has nothing to do with magic
symlinks as such. It breaks just as nicely with plain ordinary symlinks.

This looks to be related to the relative symlinks that the libraries
are set up with - the problem is that "" points to
"../../lib/", and in your example ../../lib ends up
nowhere useful.  With this:

        opteron 12# mkdir -p machine/i386/usr
        opteron 13# mv usr/lib machine/i386/usr/lib
        opteron 14# ln -s /machine/i386/usr/lib usr/lib
        opteron 16# uname -m
        Shared object "" not found

it fails, but add:

        opteron 31# ln -s /lib machine/i386/
        opteron 32# uname -p

and we're all good.

You'll want to play with moving /lib to somewhere under machine/<arch>
too, as well as /libexec, /sbin and /bin and probably /libdata. Is / dev
totally sharable between i386 and amd64?  I also wonder if any of the
databases in /var are arch-specific...

Or look at my suggestion in my other posting which describes booting off
different partitions - that seems simpler ;-)

Depends on your point of view, but I agree there are benefits to both alternatives... but in my case, as I'm stuck using grub for Xen, I quickly realized that boot.cfg isn't an option, unfortunately.



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