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Re: boot off multiple partitions on same disk [was: The run-time linker doesn't deal with magic symlinks (or even plain symlinks) for shared objects?]

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Hi Simon,

On 17 Jul 2008, at 05:32, Simon Burge wrote:

Johan Ihren wrote:

I want to use the @machine magic symlink to be able to install both
i386 and amd64 distributions into the same root.

The primary reason is that I run NetBSD/i386 Xen3 in production, which
requires a release version, but I'm porting my stuff to NetBSD/amd64
Xen3, which is only available as -current. Being able to choose at
boot time which one to run would be *very* convenient, especially for
laptops with only one disk.

Ignoring magic symlinks totally for a moment, you could do what you want with multiple root partitions. I've got a couple of machines here with
two or more small root partitions then common shared swap and /home
partitions. I then use boot.cfg(5) to choose between then at boot time.
One system has four root filesystems - each of i386 and amd64 with
netbsd-4 and netbsd-current.

Hmm. I agree that ought to work for me too, although I feel that magic symlinks would be a "cleaner" solution. I remember my University days when we maintained half a dozen architectures from a common AFS file space, all of which entirely dependent on the AFS' magic symlink "@sys".

Many thanks for your suggestion, though, I will try that. In particular as my gut feeling is that as the run-time linker fails just as easily with a plain symlink this is not a "bug" as such, but may be a design choice somewhere that ld.elf_so should not allow symlinks out of the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" (presumably for security reasons).

But it would still be nice to know for sure what the issue with the run-time linker is.



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