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Re: boot off multiple partitions on same disk [was: The run-time linker doesn't deal with magic symlinks (or even plain symlinks) for shared objects?]

George Michaelson wrote:

> so, I asked (on this list?) if boot should be multi-arch or not, and got 
> no reply. Does this post from you mean that by design, the MBR and /boot 
> *should* be able to load either an i386 *or* an AMD kernel?

When I first did this (a year or 18 months ago maybe?), I'm reasonably
certain that i386 bootblocks couldn't load amd64 kernels - I installed
the amd64 bootblocks and they had no problems with 32- or 64-bit
kernels.  I'm of the understanding that -current i386 bootblocks now
can load amd64 kernels, but I can't confirm that.


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