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Re: failed build package

On Sun, 13 Jul 2008 10:56:49 pm Greg Troxel wrote:
> Sarton O'Brien <> writes:
> > xdamage is part of xorg libs, or the base x11 I'd assume.
> >
> > I don't generally use xorg of late on netbsd but I think if you don't
> > want the in-tree x11, you need to set X11_TYPE=modular in /etc/mk.conf
> > and install from pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-*
> >
> > As a single dependency I'd imagine setting mk.conf and make
> > clean/install should pick it up but I can't be sure. Otherwise, the
> > missing package is in pkgsrc/x11/libXdamage.
> modular xorg has packages that conflict with xorg-derived supplementary
> packages for in-tree X.  So otpions are:
>   pkg_chk to save needed packages, trim  to what you want
>   delete all package (empty out /usr/pkg, /var/db/pkg to be sure)
>   set X11_TYPE=modular
>   build packages you want
> or
>   set X11_TYPE=modular
>   mark packages built with x11-links as 'rebuild' with pkg_admin (see
>   pkg_rolling-replace man page examples section for the commands to do
>   this)
>   start 'pkg_rolling-replace -uv'
>   when it fails with a conflict in libXfoo vs Xfoo or some such, use
>   'make replace OLDNAME=oldpkg'.  Note that this will put your packages
>   in an inconsistent state because the shlib major versions change.
>   restart pkg_rolling-replace -uv each time
> The second is harder, but leaves you with more functionality in the
> intermediate time.  I've done it on several systems (netbsd 4 and
> current, i386).

Ouch. I've been lucky in that the only X requirement that I've had was due to 
rrdtool dependencies which triggered x11-links. Every time I've set modular 
in mk.conf and then make clean/install and everything's worked out.

I guess the complexity begins when you already have in-tree X or have 
installed components without mk.conf set.

Good to know that it's not as straight forward as I thought.


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