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Re: Testers needed - sdtemp on-DIMM memory temperature sensor driver

On Friday 2008-06-20 13:23 -0700, Paul Goyette output:
: If anyone out there has a system with DDR3 memory, you almost certainly  
: have a temperature sensor on the DIMM, probably integrated with the SPD  
: EEPROM.  (Some DDR2 FB-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs might also have this sensor.)
: I've written a driver to integrate this sensor with NetBSD's envstat(8)
: system, and would like to have some folks test it out.  If you're up for  
: the experiment, you can download a GENERIC kernel with the new driver  

Nothing shows up on one of mine.  Neither in dmesg nor envstat.

MB: ASUS PK3 Deluxe
RAM: 2GB Corsair DDR3-1333 stuff.  Don't have the model # handy.


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