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Re: panic: bnx0 Double mbuf allocation failure!

Fredrik Carlsson <fredrik <at>> writes:

> We don't have the panic message (no console access) but we are trying to 
> create an usable core dump.
> When we used a MP kernel gdb complained about "Cannot access memory at 
> address 0xffff80005bfca6c0" so right now we have booted on one CPU and 
> are trying to produce a panic, but so far it is stable. Before when we 
> copied files over NFS it paniced several times a few GB into the copy 
> but now it runs fine, perhaps this has to do with the MP-kernel?

It has been running all night long with nfs copies and db imports and seems to
work fine with UP.

And we are not using jumpo frames.

We really would like to help to get the problem solved and if the crashdump is
useless we have to get someone to the console to do a trace when it has paniced
with MP kernel.

// Fredrik

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