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XEN3_DOM0 crashes hard - pckbc_attach code

Hi list,

This mail is the continuation of a previous thread on port-xen:

I am bringing it to current, in order to get some advices on how to handle this case.

Latest modification to pckbc, for XEN3_DOM0 kernel:

leads to some kind of interrupt handling exhaustion, and/or causes a triple fault (?), which results in a violent shutdown of the computer.

Using ddb to step through autoconf confirms that the issue appear just after calling bus_space_read() in pckbc_poll_data1(): it loops in ddb in ilevel 8, and eventually, machine shuts down after a few seconds and lots of outputs to console.

Any advice on how I could handle this issue? Setting higher value for <s> (and lowering delay() accordingly) for the loop does fix it; however, it looks like an ugly hack to me. Note that it only happens with XEN3_DOM0, not GENERIC. Adding option PCKBCDEBUG does not help me much.

Comments/advices/hints... are appreciated.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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