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Please test mvsata (Marvell SATA)

Hi! all,

I tested mvsata on Marvell SoC(MV88F5182) only.  I wish the report in
non-PC/AT like macppc very much.

You must write in your configuration as follows. And, please build the
kernel, and reboot.

  mvsata* at pci? dev ? function ?        # Marvell SATA Controller
  #options         MVSATA_WITHOUTDMA

I request the report of mvsata with DMA.  However, if you do not use
DMA, it recommended to enable for options MVSATA_WITHOUTDMA.  This will
call the function of wdc.c and ata_wdc.c very compactly.  And, DMA is not

Marvell SATA supports NCQ.  Then, I will have had bio be able to be
executed without stopping DMA of mvsata as much as possible, and
continuously.  However, present NetBSD doesn't support NCQ and atabus
will execute only one bio.

  - ATAPI is not supported.
  - Port Multiplier is not supported.
  - The ATA command of NCQ cannot be set.
  - PCI resume not support yet.


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