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Re: trouble installing grub on -current amd64

  I am now running -current, as the Howto says you should
  when using amd64# ktrace -f grub.out grub-install /dev/rwd0d
  /usr/pkg/sbin/grub-install: Cannot execute ELF binary /usr/pkg/sbin/grub
  sed: /grub/ No such file or directory
  grep: /grub/ No such file or directory
  /dev/rwd0d does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.

We (Liz mostly) have set up an amd64 box with current and xen3, and grub
works after installing a binary package built on i386, and the
netbsd/i386 shared libraries that it needs.  The problem seems to be
that grub builds i386 code for boot time, but doesn't use cross tools to
do so.  I suspect that the grub setup part could be amd64 native.

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