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Re: Kernel crash with msdos filesystem wrote:
On Sunday 15 June 2008 04:39:25 Sarton O'Brien wrote: wrote:
I'm using recent -current on sparc64. I can reproduce the following crash
when I mount msdos filesystem and try to create a directory on that

cpu0: data fault: pc=119a048 addr=22f48000
kernel trap 30: data access exception
Stopped in pid 438.1 (mkdir) at netbsd:updatefats+0x28: ld [%g4 + %g1],

db> bt
chainalloc(0, 64040, 1, ffffffff, ddb39f0, 0) at netbsd:chainalloc+0x214
clusteralloc(2f47000, a9ba6, 1, ddb39f0, 0, 17c8cfd76) at
msdosfs_mkdir(ddb3ac8, 20002, dccf360, 10, 1000, ddb3ac8) at
... and so on
To quote Manuel when I reported similar (this is the 3rd such report):

"Maybe related to kern/38892 ? Do you have DEBUG+DIAGNOSTIC in your
kernel config file?"


I probably should have truncated that quote as my point was the pr, not the question that followed which may or may not have any bearing on the actual pr (lack of testing on my part).

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