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Re: Kernel crash with msdos filesystem wrote:
I'm using recent -current on sparc64. I can reproduce the following crash when I mount msdos filesystem and try to create a directory on that filesystem

cpu0: data fault: pc=119a048 addr=22f48000
kernel trap 30: data access exception
Stopped in pid 438.1 (mkdir) at netbsd:updatefats+0x28: ld [%g4 + %g1], %g2

db> bt
chainalloc(0, 64040, 1, ffffffff, ddb39f0, 0) at netbsd:chainalloc+0x214
clusteralloc(2f47000, a9ba6, 1, ddb39f0, 0, 17c8cfd76) at netbsd:clusteralloc+0x1e4 msdosfs_mkdir(ddb3ac8, 20002, dccf360, 10, 1000, ddb3ac8) at netbsd:msdosfs_mkdir+0x4c
... and so on

To quote Manuel when I reported similar (this is the 3rd such report):

"Maybe related to kern/38892 ? Do you have DEBUG+DIAGNOSTIC in your kernel config file?"


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