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Re: Running mprime on dual-core machines

On Friday 2008-06-13 10:51 +0200, output:
:I recently imported math/mprime-bin, because IMHO it is a useful
:stability tester, since it stresses CPU+RAM together. In my
:experience, on a stable machine you can run it forever, but on an
:unstable one it dies within a few hours.
:On a new -current dual-core machine I'm building, I ran two instances
:of it (because of the two cores). Usually one of the two dies within
:an hour (the other keeps running). A single one runs for more than a
:day without problems.

Sounds liks

and see thread in port-i386.  It's not an obvious optimisation

Sometime around then I tried the cpu affinity/bind stuff but it was
still developing and I had no joy.


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