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Re: Hangs while building the tree in -current

Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
2008/6/12 Steven M. Bellovin <>:
I've had two similar-sounding problems with a May 17 kernel.  Once,
there were *many* cron processes hung; additionally, postfix was wedged
-- I couldn't even run 'mailq'.  The second time -- is this different?
-- I got a 'locking against myself' when simply copying a file system
dump from the network to disk.  This is on an i386.

I seem to remember similar but think it was fixed. I don't think biowait was occuring in that instance.

Right now BUILD-NetBSD script  is hanging @ i386--netbsdelf-objcopy .
. . biowait, but otherwise the machine is responsive. gdb cannot
attach itself to the pid, though.

I updated an hour ago and tested a build tools on dom0 but same thing occurred. An amd64 domu of the same vintage as the dom0 I just updated completes the same invocation just fine.

Not sure if that indicates anything but at least domus are working fine.


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