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Re: The [system] process...

On Oct 31,  4:54pm, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?"Peter_H._Fr=F6hlich"?= wrote:
} When I look at the processes running in NetBSD-current by default, I  
} see [system] but that's the *only* process with [] in its name. In  
} NetBSD-4.0 I used to see many of those, [atabus0], etc. etc.
} Is this the expected behavior in NetBSD-current? If so, where do I  


} read up on the details behind the change? If not, where do I read up  

     Don't know about the details of the change, but see 'man ps' for
the '-s' option.

}-- End of excerpt from =?ISO-8859-1?Q?"Peter_H._Fr=F6hlich"?=

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