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Repeatable lockup, and return of SATA drive-size problems

On my amd64 system, updating from May 28th to June 10th -current shows
two peculiar issues that have appeared. First, the system will hang after ~5 hours of uptime. Last night it hung running the nightly scripts, and I can get it to hang quicker (it seems) by stressing the filesystem (read/write using Samba, for example).

Since I'm running a kernel w/o debug, the
behavior is simply that the kernel keeps running ('ping' to the box
works), but userland doesn't (no new connections can get established,
existing applications are frozen).  My next step is a debug kernel so I
can (hopefully) catch what it's doing in the debugger.

But...the more interesting this IMHO is that the problem where the disks
will "sometimes" probe with the wrong size (and show up as ST506) is
back.  This is identical to PR#38548.  It seems that if I shutdown
the system fully and cold-boot, the drives probe properly. Rebooting otherwise more often than not, exhibits the problem. I'm not sure where to look to help debug this part.

Just wanted to make a note of it on this list, in case others are experiencing the same problems.


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