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Re: Everex cloudbook

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 6:34 PM, Cherry G. Mathew
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> So I got myself an Everex cloudbook. (typingthis from "gOS")
> 4.0 and -current reset the machine on boot (no dmesg). Booted via grub
> and native bootloader. I'll poke around a bit more.

After a bit more poking around:
I discovered that my USB key with a NetBSD-4.0 kernel booted well, as
well as -current from early May. I'm fairly certain that the USB key
boot didn't work when I tried this first. Trying to boot the same
kernels via the grub that comes with "gOS" (which looks like some sort
of modified ubuntu distro)

Summary: booting via NetBSD's native bootloader works.

Incidentally, the LCD colour is purple, which doesn't go well with the
green kernel bootup messages (can't see anything except the cursur
moving around). XFree works with the VESA driver, and on return to the
console, the LCD colour changes to white. Reboot messages from the
kernel are now visible in green.
The wireless card is not detected.

If anyone is interested, I could post a dmesg.


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