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Re: Acer M5229 IDE bugs (esp. on sparc64)

Rafal Boni wrote:
Another interesting thing is a hack I took from OpenBSD to not skip channels that don't have the WDCF_IRQ_WAIT flag set in pciide_pci_intr() [1] seemed to make the controller behave better -- much fewer of the DMA errors with status WDC_DMAST_UNDER, and in fact the interface downgraded to Ultra/33 (from /66 originally) and then produced no further errors.

Eh, this might make it slightly better but it certainly doesn't fix anything, as the early interrupts still happen, just maybe a little less frequently. I suspect the downgrade from Ultra/66 to Ultra/33 may have had more to do with that... I'm not sure why all the other DMA errors don't make it downgrade?


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