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Re: sh -e changes broke pkgsrc said:
> Strictly speaking you right.  Though, this is nonsense IMHO. 

You might want to read the other mails to the subject.
In short, the theory is that a "&&" or "||" comprises a
check for the exit status of the (simple) command left of it,
and the "-e" only causes an exit if the staus was not checked.

>   false && false
>   false && true

The non-zero exit status of the first "false" is eaten
by the "&&", the right sides are not executed.

>   true  && false
> does NOT exit with NetBSD's /bin/ksh, pdksh, mksh,

Are you sure? This exits with the ksh of both OSF/1 and NetBSD.

>   false || false
> DOES exit

That's also consistent: the first non-zero exit status is
caught by the "||", the second not.

This seems to boil down to a documentation issue.

best regards

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