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sh -e changes broke pkgsrc

# pwd
/usr/pkgsrc/graphics/png                (for example)
# make
*** Error 1

Reverting this weekend's sh -e changes cures this behavior.

Also, I spent this afternoon rehabbing the regression test for sh -e,
and unfortunately the sh -e changes in question do not markedly
improve the results; if anything, they make things slightly worse, as
there are 30 failures with a sh from Friday and 31 with today's.
(Although I don't claim to be perfect and I might easily have messed
up one of the tests, so it's not quite crystal-clear.)

I think it would probably be best to back those commits out for
further study.

(Also, if one of the people who knows in detail how sh is supposed to
work would like to look at the test, that would probably be helpful -
I've been looking at the standards, but that's not the same thing as
being familiar with them.)

David A. Holland

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