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Re: current kernels hang on i386 and amd64

On Sat, 24 May 2008, Paul Goyette wrote:

If I NFS-export those file systems and run the exact same on my dual-core Athlon 64 X2 the build takes twice as long as normal but runs to completion without errors.

So seems to definitely be related to load. Either that or I'm getting bitten by the "more than 4GB RAM bounce buffer" problem, but the symptoms of that are usually less severe - just random failures of gcc or other build tool.

Is there an easy way to disable the extra RAM (other than opening up the box and removing DIMMs)?

Interesting.  I added "options PHYSMEM_MAX_ADDR=4096" to the 8GB quad-
core box and it now survives a ' -j8 release' (although it is about 20% to 25% slower that it used to be with the full 8GB enabled.

Just curious - even though I set the option above to 4GB, it seems to be using only 3GB:

        NetBSD 4.99.63 (SPEEDY (ASUS M2N-E) 2008-05-24 13:13:08) #1: Sat May 24 
12:30:27 PDT 2008
        total memory = 3070 MB
        avail memory = 2957 MB

So I guess my "hangs" were likely due to the ">4GB bounce-buffer bug" and not a locking bug.

Any clue when the bounce-buffers are going to get fixed? (Andy?) Is there anything I can do to help them along?

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