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Re: panic when amd unmounts nfs filesystem

On 17 May 2008, at 23:57, Mark Davies wrote:
I'm seeing the following panic when amd tries to unmount an NFS filesystem.

Is that a kernel compiled with the DIAGNOSTIC option?

Was happening with a 4.99.60 kernel and still happens with a 4.99.62 from
a day or two ago:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "np->n_dirgens == NULL" failed:
file "/local/src/src/sys/nfs/nfs_node.c", line 319
Stopped in pid 437.1 (amd) at   netbsd:breakpoint+0x4:  popl    %ebp

That bug exists since at least 4.99.52 and affects one of my systems, too.
See PR kern/38100 for details.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                 

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