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Re: NetBSD on sd0 (memory) and CGD on wd0... success but


OK, last night i have noticed error message while booting and corrected that line and retried...

I also deleted cgd0* entires in sd0a/etc/fstab because these lines also exist on wd0a/etc/fstab.

I booted netbsd on sd0a... while booting it recreated /dev database, but i assume that this is because there are version diffeence. On sd0a there is NetBSD-4.0 while there is NetBSD-current on wd0a.

For list members... maybe helpfull for future references:

1- You can install NetBSD onto a usb memory using standart NetBSD (iso) disk without additional work --- as long as your bios can boot from usb memory, then NetBSD handles usb memory as real mini hard disk.

2a - If you have another NetBSD on your hard disk, you can use init.root=/dev/wd0a and you can switch to NetBSD on wd0a while booting from sd0a.

2b- I didn't tested this last step, but If you have another NetBSD on your CGD drive, you can switch to that one too.

Well, booting from memory disk is much slower.


Daniel Horecki wrote:
On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 11:14 PM, Cem Kayali 
<> wrote:
 Thanks for your reply. To test "init.root" approach, I tried following
configuration and it didnt work. Could you please share your fstab on disk
that is outside cgd?

 I installed netbsd onto /dev/sd0a
 I have local netbsd on /dev/wd0a
 I have booted from sd0a

 /dev/sd0a        /    ffs    rw         1 1
 /dev/wd0a        /wd0a    ffs    rw         1 1
 /dev/cgd0b         none    swap    sw        0 0
 /dev/cgd0f        /var    ffs    rw,softdep    1 2

 sysctl -w init.root=/wd0a

That should be only 'init.root=/dev/wd0a'

 Well, if this works i can set init.root variable as /cgdroot in next step.


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