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problem with using 6 wm0 devices?!

I built a set of six firewall/routers using supermicro 2U cases ( using X6DH8 
motherboards ), 
each with 2 onboard i82546GB nics and one pci-x card with two additional 
i82546GB. When I added 
an additional 2 port card to one of the routers, the new nics attached as wm0 
and wm1. 
I can configure wm1-wm5 up with no problems, but wm0 hangs the systems. ( 
console responds to CR, but ifconfig doesn't return -- system is otherwise 
unresponsive ) This fails with the GENERIC and install kernels for 4.0.

Looking through the archives, I thought it might be an issue with kernel 
buffers, so I increased 
NMBCLUSTERS to 32K, but this had no effect. I also tried netbsd 4.0 AMD64, but 
that didn't work either.

A GENERIC ACPI INSTALL netbsd i386 -current kernel works fine ( as does 
opensuse 10.3 ), so I think the hardware is ok, but I also tried different 
cards just to be doubly sure. 

I can't in good conscience use -current on a production router which is under a 
pretty extreme 
load, so I looked at the diffs for sys/dev/pci/if_wm.c between 
netbsd-4-0-RELEASE and -current
and to my only somewhat clueful eyes, it looks like most of the changes are 
more cleanup/abstraction related rather than changes to the logic itself. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'm probably missing something obvious. 


Harry Waddell

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