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-current's ACPI poweroff still does not work on ASUS A7M266-D


After many month of (hopeful) waiting and all these ACPI changes my
good old ASUS A7M266-D still no longer powers off ('shutdown -p now').

(Searching the list) I started complaining in Sep 2007 about this:

.. and it seems I was not alone with such kind of problem:

ACPI poweroff _was_ working with NetBSD-current at the beginning of
2007 (and is still working with linux on this machine/mainboard).

So: Is there any chance to get 'shutdown -p now' poweroff my machine
    again with actual -current?

I've put its DSDT under:

Joerg Sonnenberger <> told me it's a
broken one, but I was not able to fix it (ACPI_DSDT_OVERRIDE et al.).

Maybe somebody here on this list can help me to solve this problem...

Thanks, Markus.

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