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Re: python dumps core

"Martin S. Weber" wrote:

> This ain't a critizism of ad@ .
> Since he started working, rebuilding and reinstalling a new
> userland also means coredumps in pkgsrc until the rolling-replace
> is finished. I.e. ABI -- who?
> When I've updated from .58 to .60 I've had to rebuild my perl,
> too, as pkg_chk made it dump core in each of my installed pkg's
> pkgsrc-directory. Who cares, I'm -current ...
> I'm just surprised that you're surprised about it.

This problem wasn't caused by Andy - it was completely independent
of the work he's been doing.  There has been some times of lossage
recently amid the great advances that Andy has made, but it's a bit
unfair to blame every problem on him without doing any research on
what the problem is first.


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