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Re: hard hangs sometime after 22nd April and mutex problems

On Monday 2008-04-28 14:26 +0100, Andrew Doran output:
:> #17 0xc02dfaf2 in panic (fmt=0xc054bbec "kernel %sassertion \"%s\" failed: 
file \"%s\", line %d") at ../../../../kern/subr_prf.c:260
:> #18 0xc044471e in __kernassert (t=0xc04e3258 "diagnostic ", f=0xc050afa4 
"../../../../kern/uipc_socket.c", l=599, e=0xc04e7526 "solocked(so)")
:>     at ../../../../../../lib/libkern/__assert.c:50
:> #19 0xc0305b8b in sofree (so=0xc2c0b5d4) at 
:> #20 0xc0305c6f in soabort (so=0xc2c0b5d4) at 
:> #21 0xc0305d17 in soclose (so=0xc2c0b94c) at 
:> #22 0xc02eff5c in soo_close (fp=0xce3425c0) at 
:> #23 0xc02a3686 in closef (fp=0xce3425c0) at 
:> #24 0xc02a382f in fd_close (fd=3) at ../../../../kern/kern_descrip.c:648
:> #25 0xc02a3a1e in fd_free () at ../../../../kern/kern_descrip.c:1491
:> #26 0xc02a9fe1 in exit1 (l=0xce4016e0, rv=256) at 
:> #27 0xc02aa7d8 in sys_exit (l=0xce4016e0, uap=0xce44dd00, retval=0xce44dd28) 
at ../../../../kern/kern_exit.c:183
:> #28 0xc036fcb2 in syscall (frame=0xce44dd48) at 
:> #29 0xc01004fd in syscall1 ()
:I think this one should be fixed... Could you please try with the latest

Looks like the same error.  Sources from around 2008-04-29 00:00

BTW, sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c has EVCNT_TYPE_IPI but sys/sys/evcnt.h does not.


#16 0xc036d9b8 in cpu_reboot (howto=256, bootstr=0x0) at 
#17 0xc02e0d42 in panic (fmt=0xc054d3e0 "kernel %sassertion \"%s\" failed: file 
\"%s\", line %d") at ../../../../kern/subr_prf.c:260
#18 0xc0445d4e in __kernassert (t=0xc04e4898 "diagnostic ", f=0xc050c70c 
"../../../../kern/uipc_socket.c", l=592, e=0xc04e8b66 "solocked(so)")
    at ../../../../../../lib/libkern/__assert.c:50
#19 0xc0306ddb in sofree (so=0xc2c09384) at ../../../../kern/uipc_socket.c:592
#20 0xc0306ebf in soabort (so=0xc2c09384) at ../../../../kern/uipc_socket.c:714
#21 0xc0306f67 in soclose (so=0xc2c096fc) at ../../../../kern/uipc_socket.c:654
#22 0xc02f11ac in soo_close (fp=0xce1310c0) at ../../../../kern/sys_socket.c:248
#23 0xc02a39b6 in closef (fp=0xce1310c0) at ../../../../kern/kern_descrip.c:750
#24 0xc02a3b5f in fd_close (fd=3) at ../../../../kern/kern_descrip.c:641
#25 0xc02a3d4e in fd_free () at ../../../../kern/kern_descrip.c:1484
#26 0xc02aa311 in exit1 (l=0xce35d480, rv=256) at 
#27 0xc02aab08 in sys_exit (l=0xce35d480, uap=0xce39fd00, retval=0xce39fd28) at 
#28 0xc0371082 in syscall (frame=0xce39fd48) at 
#29 0xc01004fd in syscall1 ()

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