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Re: GENERIC-i386 not building

On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Andrew Doran wrote:

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 05:42:25PM -0700, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:
#   compile  GENERIC/pmap.o
-ffreestanding -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss -march=i486 -mtune=pentiumpro
-O2 -std=gnu99 -Werror -Wall -Wno-main -Wno-format-zero-length
-Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Wswitch -Wshadow
-Wcast-qual -Wwrite-strings -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-pointer-sign
-Wno-attributes -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -fno-strict-aliasing -Werror
-Wall -Wno-main -Wno-format-zero-length -Wpointer-arith
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Wswitch -Wshadow -Wcast-qual
-Wwrite-strings -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-attributes -Wextra
-Wno-unused-parameter -Werror -march=i486 -mtune=pentiumpro -Di386 -I.
-I/usr/src/sys/contrib/dev/ath/netbsd -I/usr/src/sys/../common/include
-I/usr/src/sys/arch -I/usr/src/sys -nostdinc -DLKM -DMAXUSERS=64 -D_KERNEL
-D_KERNEL_OPT -I/usr/src/sys/lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/libc/quad
/libkern/../../../common/lib/libc/arch/i386/string -I/usr/src/sys/dist/ipf
-c /usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c
/usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c: In function 'pmap_cpu_init_late':
/usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c:1613: error: 'EVCNT_TYPE_IPI' undeclared
(first use in this function)
/usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c:1613: error: (Each undeclared identifier
is reported only once
/usr/src/sys/arch/x86/x86/pmap.c:1613: error: for each function it appears

Wow, I must have changed it after I built it. Fixed now. Did anoncvs pick up
the lockstat.h change?

Yep. I had things working at one point but I have upgrade fever. :)

Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE(6/86) + BSChem(3/95) + BAEnglish(8/95) + MSCS(8/03) + $2.50 = latte

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