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Re: in[46]_cksum problems

On Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:34:17 +0200
Jaap Boender <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm running netbsd-current/sparc64 (last cvs update on April 16) on a
> Sun Ultra60 with SMP enabled (yay, it works!), but I'm running into
> some problems with IP, both v4 and v6.
> At some point when using FTP (the client), it panics with
> "in4_cksum: mbuf too short for IP header". The trace:
> in4_cksum, tcp_input_cksum, tcp_input, ip_input, ipintr,
> softint_execute, softint_overlay, lwp_userret, mi_userret, userret,
> trap.
> For IPv6, it's the same ("in6_cksum: mbuf too short for IPv6
> header"), only here it crashes when starting the rpcbind daemon. (it
> prints "Starting rpcbind.", and then it crashes.) The trace:
> in6_cksum, icmp6_input, ip6_input, ip6intr, softint_execute,
> softint_overlay, lwp_userret, mi_userret, userret, syscall_plain.
>   Jaap
> P.S. I'm CC'ing this to port-sparc64, as I've no idea if it's a 
> port-sparc64-(SMP)-related or a general problem.
I've experienced that panic on i386, from squid.  (I posted about it a
couple of weeks ago.)

                --Steve Bellovin,

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