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Re: Random network lossage on nfe(4)

In article <>,
Peter Bex  <> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I updated from 4.0 to -current (snapshot of April 12th) and now I get
>random network corruption on my nfe(4) NIC.  Sometimes the corruptions
>happen very soon (when doing operations like 'svn update', which causes
>a lot of traffic), and sometimes it happens after several hours, mostly
>when the network traffic is not so high.
>This used to work fine in 4.0, so I wonder if something changed recently
>in this driver?  Or do the changes in the scheduler have some kind of
>influence on this driver?
>Peter Bex

I saw that too a week ago and I synced the driver with openbsd and it fixed
the problem. I've committed the changes just now.


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