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Re: aiboost fix (Was: aiboost (Was: ACPICA update to 20080321))

On Thursday 2008-04-17 16:46 +1000, Geoff Wing output:
:This fixes it.  Take what you want from it.  The GetHandle and indexing
:changes were for my debugging benefit.  Only the

:+                              DPRINTF(("%s: fetching object in buf2\n",
:+                                  __func__));
:+                              if (buf2.Pointer)
:+                                      AcpiOsFree(buf2.Pointer);
:+                              continue;

And I left in a "continue" which used to be a "goto error".  I guess
that can be changed back to "goto error;" - though when it went through
that path it always barfed on me with an error like:
``panic: free: unaligned addr 0xc2e6ba1c, size 256, type acpi, mask 255''


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