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Re: Oddness in ahcisata driver

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 10:56:25 -0500
M Graff <> wrote:

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> Last night, I decided it was finally time to murder Vista and install
> NetBSD on a new machine I have.  Unfortunately, for any support
> whatsoever, I need to have Vista there too, so when/if a tech has to
> stop by the office they can run their expected diagnostics.  Lame, but
> unavoidable.
> Ignoring that the "os recovery" CD Gateway shipped wipes the whole
> disk to remove any "errors" -- and any other OSs -- I managed to get
> both installed by wiping the MBR from the NetBSD install disk with dd,
> "recovering" Vista, and then using disk manager to "shrink" Vista down
> by 150 GB.  NetBSD installed (with minor nits) easily.
> However, and this is the oddness, I had to put the 500 GB disk I
> wanted to install on channel 1, and my other disks on channels 2 and
> 3.  If I put the 500 GB disk on channel 0 it would probe as a ST506
> drive and report double-digit MB size.  NetBSD reports it as using
> chs addressing as well on channel 0.
> Moving it to SATA channel 1 "fixed" this.
You're at least the fourth person to have reported this in the last 3-4

                --Steve Bellovin,

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