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Re: (amd64) panic: mpacpi_findintr_linkdev: irq mismatch

Robert P. Thille wrote:
I'm seeing this same error on boot. I've got an EPIA Mini-ITX EN15000g board with a SATA pci card in it. Current from November runs fine, but current from a couple of days ago has this same panic:
    panic: mpacpi_findintr_linkdev: irq mismatch
with setting MP_verbose:
    linkdev ALKA returned ACPI global int 1

I captured the acpi info with this:
    acpidump -o EN15000g.dsdt > EN15000g.asl
it's available here:

I can try D'Arcy's change and see if that fixes it for me, but I was wondering if there's been any progress on the "proper fix" that jmcneil is supposed to be working on.

Trying D'Arcy's change lets me get past that panic, but it just results in a hang later on when viaide reports lost interrupts.

Anything I can do to help resolve this issue?  Any help is appreciated.



Robert Thille                7575 Meadowlark Dr.; Sebastopol, CA 95472
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