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Re: wpi(4) driver in -current

Christos Zoulas wrote:
In article <>,
Brett Lymn  <> wrote:
On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 12:16:14PM +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
I connect to both WEP and WPA-PSK networks using a wpi card (built in to
an HP laptop) with wpa_supplicant.

It sometimes disconnects (perhaps a few times a day), and "ifconfig wpi0
down up" fixes it.

I have the same problem with iwi and wpa-psk, while a ifconfig down/up
fixes the problem I have found, in my case, that a "wpa_cli
reassociate" seems to be a bit faster.  As a bit of a kludge, I have a
script that pings my AP and if the ping times out I perform a

Yup, using wpa-psk is impossible. I keep doing reassoc on wpa-cli (which
is the reason I made this work in the summer, and also make wpa_supplicant
survive ifconfig up/down). Perhaps there is a newer version of the code that
fixes this? It is really annoying.

Hit and miss for me with wpi(4) -- I have two networks, one works the other drops out frequently as you describe. A few things different between the two networks:

Working: 802.11a, single AP, WPA-PSK, Airport Extreme 11n, so basestation firmware is NetBSD based

Non-working: 802.11g, WDS, WPA-PSK, Airport Extreme 11g + Airport Express 11g (vxWorks?)


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