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Re: Still having build problems with CURRENT

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Kimi wrote:

> I am pretty sure I have been following
> to the letter.
> Am I doing something non-obvious?

show the command line you use and the rest of the /etc/mk.conf file and
the error you get otherwise there can be no help.

I have nothing* in /etc/mk.conf that will affect a source build, and use
the following command successfully

        sh -O /var/obj -U release

although since its current, there can be temporary breakages that need to
be updated around.

note that MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX should not be set in /etc/mk.conf (see
/usr/src/BUILDING) and whats more I thought it was supposed to be some
kind of pattern but probably I'm wrong there.

I use a union mount to slide /usr/src under /home/plunky/src and I've
not noticed any problems in recent years where anything got modified where
it shouldn't have.


* actually "USE_INET6=no" but thats not affecting the build, just some files.

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