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Still having build problems with CURRENT


I hate to whine and I'm trying my best to solve problems myself. I
keep coming up against the same issues. I've been able to build
kernels no problem, it's just the base/world just does not build for

I used to have the source code which was obtained by using csup and
put under the right place of /usr/src on my local discs & same goes
for /usr/obj. now I noticed there had been some changes in regards to
a read-only /usr/src which is great, so I have been nfs mounting both
/usr/src and /usr/obj, created a mk.conf  and placing both MAKEOBJDIR
= /usr/obj and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX = /usr/obj in there.

now, I still get the same problem even if I have not mounted both
/usr/src and /usr/obj via nfs.

so I have an epiphany. I downloaded the latest ISO from along with the source
sets, surely I would be successful in building CURRENT without
problems? but it does not seem to be the case.

I am pretty sure I have been following to the letter.

Am I doing something non-obvious?


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