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Re: Kernel only sees 1 SATA channel out of 4 - nv520 chip wrote:
On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 01:00:50AM -0700, Art Lemasters wrote:
  I've installed an Abit AN52 motherboard. It has an "nvidia nf520
single chip." [The NetBSD kernel] only sees one SATA channel out of four. The 
sees two hard drives. FreeBSD (live cd) sees both drives (two
drives plugged into two of the four SATA interfaces on the motherboard.
My guess from looking at the FreeBSD dmesg (if the dmesg was accurate
enough) is that there are two onboard SATA controllers, each with two
channels (four interfaces on the motherboard).

The FreeBSD dmesg could be useful.

  Thank you.

  I'll install FreeBSD on one of the two Raidframe drives here and
send that dmesg to you/current-users or other appropriate list of
your choice. ...can't use both drives of the array here for now,
anyway. ...will even send the associated FreeBSD system source code
after that, if you like. I can't do C for kernels, yet, being a
somewhat new, self-taught and typically impoverished student of
C++ application purism.  ;-)


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