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Re: qemu is very slow

Antti Kantee wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed qemu being really slow for i386 on -current?
> E.g. boot of 4.99.48 takes several times longer than boot of 4.99.42.
> The host is the same.

I couldn't reproduce this, though my 4.99.48 is a few days old
(20080104-1955 EET).

Here are my timings of qemu booting various GENERIC kernels:

4.99.30 (20070906-0910)
  real    0m38.750s
  user    0m21.165s
  sys     0m9.452s

4.99.42 (20071213-1359)
  real    0m38.007s
  user    0m13.961s
  sys     0m9.029s

4.99.48 (20080104-1955)
  real    0m38.091s
  user    0m10.482s
  sys     0m12.610s

I will measure -current if/when it finishes building.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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